Exercise Physiology

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

An Exercise Physiologist has advanced skills to assess clients, to develop and monitor a safe and effective exercise or rehabilitation program, regardless of the client’s medical history or present fitness levels. They are specialists in the management of chronic disease, pain and injury.
An Exercise Physiologist has the ability to match the immediate goals and needs of their client with appropriate exercise interventions, and develop strategies to promote and assist in interventions being undertaken regularly for a prolonged period of time. Interventions will rarely only involve physical activity and as a consequence, an Exercise Physiologist will collaborate with your doctor and other recognised health practitioners.

An Exercise Physiologist is ideally suited to providing professional services in the area of exercise as a treatment strategy in physical rehabilitation, as a preventative strategy for disease prevention, and as part of establishing and maintaining functional independence.


Our Services ...

At Elevation Health we aim, not just to achieve immediate results, we strive to equip clients with the knowledge and power to achieve and maintain lifelong health and fitness via tailored, integrated, functional training.

We achieve this by caring about, listening to and appreciating that every one of our clients is an individual, with their own personal goals and obstacles in life. This approach enables us to identify and develop individual training plans tailored to their needs.

It is our endeavour that all of our clients will feel inspired and fabulous when working with us.

Our training studio in South Melbourne is unique in that we are one of the few studios in Victoria that offer Technogym Kinesis Personal Vision™, a state of the art gravity training system based upon the natural, kinetic movement of the body.

We are also equipped with TRX™ suspension training, kettlebells, boxing equipment, free weights, Gymstick, treadmills and other forms of torture (just kidding).